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Bill VanShie


Bill has a Masters degree in Counselling, Bachelor degree in Theology and has been in pastoral ministry in local congregations for more than thirty one years. He has specialised in the area of marriage counselling and is the author of the pre-marital guidance book, "Preparing to Leave and Cleave".

Bill has also developed a Christ centred self esteem program through which many have found their sense of worth, belonging and achievement as they have found a new freedom and identity in Christ.

He has his own practice called "Abundant Life Counselling", and has taught counselling at Bible and Theological Colleges, and is also the General Manager at Careforce Lifekeys Counselling at Mt Evelyn.

He is available to present workshops and seminars for different churches, schools and organizations.

You can view our practise details of our "aims and approach" here

Please contact Bill at 
Abundant Life Counselling
18 Forge Road, Mt Evelyn 3796
Ph: (03) 9736 2369 
Email - This e-mail address is being protected from spambots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it